We can host puppet making workshops here in our very own Puppet Theatre Workshop! You simply book your time and your family or group will have exclusive use of our Puppet Theatre Workshop for puppet making and play!

Use our Contact page to contact us to book your workshop.
Workshops are £10 per person.
Minimum: 4 people/4 kits (e.g. you could make two poppets in our workshop and then take 2 home with you)
Maximum: 8 people

Puppet Making Kits by post
Our lovely poppet range
£10 each
For the time being we are offering Puppet Making Kits by post!

You could make your own ‘Moppet’ puppets at home as a family or bubble together. Full instructions are included (along with an online video to help you). You will also need some strong glue, paint and scissors and anything else you would like to dress up your puppet with.

You could also have a hair dryer to hand to help the paint dry quicker!
You can order your puppet making kits by getting in touch using our Contact page.

Popular choice for families and groups
Poppets are a delightful range of string puppets in kit form. Build them, glue them, paint them and accessories them. Create horses, unicorns, bears, cats, dogs and people. Their simple strings do not get tangled and once dry create your very own show in our Puppet Theatre Workshop .

Great for very young puppet makers
Pippets are a simple fabric shape suitable for people of any age or ability to embellish with a tempting range of fabric pens and accessories. Our twenty four draw oak cabinet hold buttons, eyes, lace, ribbons, stickers, felt and much more including ‘Sparkles!’ with which to create a puppet of your dreams

Using sewing machines
Chic puppets are the next stage of puppet making where heads, hands and hair have been pre-sewn from recycled materials. An enticing row of bodies have been created from vintage fabric. Pick your own pieces and sew them together with a traditional hand sewing machine to create your own rag doll puppet.

Great for grown ups
Grup puppets are for the more adventurous and skilled creative artists. Workshops will need to be pre booked and require time and patience, but result in unique creations built to last a life time!

Exclusive workshops for your school, group, workplace or party!

Training adults and young people, school workers, church leaders, Sunday school teachers, youth and children’s workers, and of course Puppet Tree leaders and members and anyone interested in Puppetry.

Training is through ‘hands on activities’ and is designed to teach, challenge and equip the puppeteer (beginners and advanced) and includes basic and some advanced puppet manipulation, how to make a puppet with performances and demonstrations throughout the session to offer a wide scope of starting ideas.